Mike and Trish Gray have lived in Lower Chicksgrove since 1978.  At that time Mike was a doctor in the Army serving with the Army Air Corps at Middle Wallop.  He was also a helicopter pilot.  Trish was actively involved with horses, competing in several disciplines.  Their son, Jeremy, was at school.

When Mike left the Army they moved to the Middle East, spending a total of fifteen years abroad - ten years in Saudi Arabia divided into two parts by a period of five years in Bahrain.

Returning home in 1996 their thoughts turned to making use of the land they had acquired during their time abroad.  Having always had an interest in farming they, by chance, purchased six Shetland ewes.  They were soon joined by a ram.  And so started their Mandeville flock of pedigree Shetland sheep.

A little later they saved from slaughter an in-calf Dexter cow with a heifer calf at foot.  

Jeremy, meanwhile, had left school and had worked in a variety of fields including motor cycle courier and agricultural contractor.  The latter proved to be of great value when, during periods of ill health suffered by Mike and Trish (now fully recovered), he returned home to keep an eye on things.

The Dexter cattle were not the most commercial, despite being great characters, and with encouragement from Jeremy it was decided to introduce Aberdeen-Angus cattle.  Jeremy also established his own flock of pedigree Shetland sheep, the Apshill flock.

Now the holding carries two pedigree flocks of Shetland sheep and a pedigree herd of Aberdeen-Angus cattle.